Saturday, 13 March 2010

When in doubt...

I've had a little clutch of rejections come in at once, and although my initial thought was just to spin everything round and send the rejected ones to the other places in the hope that they would like them better, it also seemed like a good moment to think about what I'm writing.

Particularly, it seemed like a moment to question whether I'd got stuck doing one thing, namely slightly twee comic fantasy. It seems very easy to get stuck saying to yourself 'this is what I do', simply in an effort to establish a voice, but what if you're wrong? It would be easy to end up as almost a caricature of yourself when writing.

At the same time, of course, the things you like are the things you like. I'm not about to start writing historical drama or deadly serious literary fiction, because I simply can't imagine wanting to. It's more a case of looking at what else I do. Possibly strange as well as just funny? That's certainly the tone I'm going for with the novel I'm working on, and it may prove popular. Straight ahead silliness always seems to fall into that editorial category of 'I enjoyed this, but no.' When in doubt, do something odd.

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