Thursday, 18 March 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Like a giant slinky. Or, for my fellow fencers, like that moment you take the tip off a foil or epee, forget to keep your hand over it, and then spend hours hunting for the resulting explosion of tiny parts. Anyway, it is nearly Spring, so it's also time for those lists you get of 'signs of spring'. Here are some that generally show up around my house.

  • My cat takes to living outdoors, specifically, to wandering off over the fields in search of those huge mice he's seen (deer, in fact, but he really doesn't seem to get the difference). Of course, he's also scared witless the first time he sees next-door's tortoise out and about for the year. Not a big fan of moving rocks, apparently.
  • The result of all this outdoor activity is usually the second sign, which is that my cat comes in with a bloody nose/forehead, having been pecked by something bigger than he is, such as a pheasant.
  • A series of small holes start to get worn in the lawn as I try to remember how to bowl the googly.
  • I usually have something of a deleting spree at about this point, euphemised as 'spring cleaning'.
  • I look up and realise that half the fencing season has gone, and I have still only fenced the Yorkshire sabre. One of the joys of living well clear of the main clusters of cities, I suppose. Bring on Sheffield.
  • I start wondering when the next (insert favourite author here) novel will be out, because this is invariably the gap between the 'we're going for the christmas market' brigade and the 'potential summer blockbuster' lot.


Jodie said...

Hehe I would love to see a cat stalk deer - 'I is puma inside.'

Lisa Damian said...

It snowed here in Chicago on the first day of Spring, but it's melting off today. Finally!

Your cat is braver than my dog, who doesn't even chase squirrels. We're trying to teach her to chase the deer, so that they don't keep eating the garden. Instead, the dog has taken to eating the flowers herself.