Monday, 8 March 2010

Other people

A few thoughts as much about other people as they are about me. Even the middle one isn't totally me.
  • Since I occasionally mention that you should read Adam Wilson's short stories, here is an opportunity to read one without taking a trip to Scotland. Although weirdly, it's not several million words long, raising questions about whether he didn't just mug some hapless writer for it as they passed.
  • More than a week after the event, I'd like to mention that I came 5th in the Yorkshire Sabre. I've remembered why I don't compete too much, which is that I get far too competitive, and thus incredibly annoyed even when I do quite well. Well, I was in the medals after the pool stage. After last year's blip, Mike Berry is back to his winning ways.
  • He also just edged out my fellow Hull fencer Keita Azuma to win the Nottingham Open. Congrats to Keita on second place. I'd like to think that fencing him on Thursday until I was nearly ready to collapse had something to do with it. I'd like to think that...

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MG Higgins said...

Congrats on your fencing win. I know nothing about the rules, but love watching it. I, too, get way too competitive when I compete. I hate Scrabble for that reason. (BTW, I'm still following you--something happened a while back and my icon disappeared and I'm now following a bunch of people anonymously. Sigh.)