Tuesday, 23 March 2010

No, the other way round...

The news from Brandesburton's AGM is that the cricket team will have no second team this year, so I doubt I'll get to do much. In theory, the provision of an evening team should provide a few chances, but that tends to be the night of the week I'm fencing. Maybe if I call it 'concentrating on my swordplay' I can make it sound like a good thing.

I'm getting on with the sequel to the ghostwritten thing, and have discovered that, although I know plenty of interesting, long, and otherwise complicated words, I tend not to use them when I'm writing.

For my own WIP, I have finally done something I believed impossible in the context of my writing, and produced an opening paragraph I am actually happy with. That tends to be one of the parts I find particularly awkward, and end up largely ignoring, in an 'if I keep going back to the first paragraph I'll never get anything done' way.

For Thursday's fencing (and the traditional pre Easter break messing around) I suggested a wrong-hand fencing tournament. Perhaps this was some sort of clairvoyant moment, because currently, the shoulder of my dominant arm is aching and largely immobile.

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