Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Announcements and oddments.

I am in some ways a very faddy person, particularly on the guitar, where I drift into things briefly before going back to what I was doing anyway. The last few days have seen me experimenting with, of all things, a thumb pick. For those who don't know, that's like a little plectrum on a ring that you slip over your thumb, letting you play fingerstyle while still having the sound of the plectrum. It is also quite famously the preserve of country playing hillbillies on their banjoes. And Chet Atkins/Brent Mason, obviously. Not very rock.

Trellis Poetry have announced that one of their authors is looking for odd form poems to add to a book on the subject, so if you have a tendency to write in unusual forms, it might be worth taking a look here.

The sports centre of the agricultural college down the road from me is running a fencing class. I thought I might pop over and take a look, especially since someone from my normal club is planning on doing the same.

It's weird. Although I can write to order perfectly well, what with the ghostwriting, I still seem to have problems doing so when I see a themed issue of something, or a competition, or anything like that. It makes taking advantage of things you see advertised on forums slightly harder, on the whole.

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