Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Online Fiction?

Still plugging away at the ghostwriting project, which is proving to be fun. One of the big differences between this sort of thing and writing for yourself is obviously the input and outlines you get from the author, and it's nice to let someone else's imagination sort out the structure for once.

That said, I haven't done too much on my own WIP in the past week or so, though it's one I plan on keeping going with. The only downside is that, having decided to include quite a lot of angels, suddenly everyone is doing angels. Is this me subconsciously picking up on the emerging trend, or is everybody looking over my shoulder as I type?

Is being different in your writing something you worry about? Does it matter? Does the need to write for a market automatically produce huge waves of bandwagon jumping with every new trend? Is it still possible to write meaningful and original stuff while doing so?

I've also been reading through a few of Aphelion's other short stories when I've had spare moments. I've decided that I don't really read enough of the online fiction that's out there, and I certainly don't offer enough of the feedback that they ask for. At the same time, I suspect that relatively few people do. Writers are often guilty of spending a lot of time submitting things to places, but not really reading that same online fiction. It's going the way of poetry, where the number of people who admit to writing poetry generally outstrips the number of people reading it regularly.

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MG Higgins said...

I've wondered about that whole trend thing. In addition to angels, mermaids are big right now (or will be soon) and I don't think most writers consciously jump onto a theme. I do believe we pick up vibes, whether it's mass consciousness or whatever. Either that, or writers ARE peering over your shoulder as you type! (That would be a scary bit of power, wouldn't it?)