Saturday, 27 February 2010

Knights, fantasy, and general sword fighting ahead

Spent much of the week writing short descriptions of things to do and see in various places I've never been. One of the joys of freelance writing, I suppose, is that you end up learning a lot of stuff you wouldn't otherwise know.

Also just got the final lot of chapter outlines on the ghostwriting project. Should have a complete version by the end of next week-ish. I'm quite proud of this one. Even though my name's not going to be anywhere near it, I've still put together some good work, which is all you can ask really.

The Yorkshire sabre is in Barnsley tomorrow morning. Why Barnsley? (Pronounciation note: for that authentic Geoff Boycott or cast of Last of the Summer Wine Feel, remember to ignore the last two letters, so it becomes "Barnsl'". On no account pronounce it Barns-ley). Kind of hoping for snow, on the basis that if the good people are all stuck in snowdrifts, I win.

Reading Elizabeth Chadwick's The Greatest Knight, about William Marshal. There were some comments in reviews about whether her tone matched up with the history, particularly David Crouch's biography of the twelfth century tournament champion/regent/general tough guy. Personally, I thought things were quite close to the opinions I've heard Prof. Crouch express about him, right up to the bit where Chadwick has Marshal expecting his enemies to fight fair like they do in tournaments. Fight fair? In tornaments? Pull the other one. At least two of the mobs Marshal fought for had the tactic of sitting around on the edges pretending that they weren't playing, then charging in at the end when everyone else was tired to take hostages. Still, maybe she'll have him get suitably hard nosed later on.


Christina said...

Oooh! Ghost writing! I love the the idea. I agree, you do learn some interesting things when you are writing freelance projects. Are you enjoying this, or is it just an experience?

Jodie said...

Really looking forward to 'The Greatest Knight', hope you'll let us know if you enjoy it

stu said...

Christina, I'm enjoying it for the most part, though it's intended as more of a stopgap than a long term thing.

Jodie, the trick is going to be finishing it before it's due back at the library.