Sunday, 31 January 2010

Very Friendly

Things you should never do when working on the sequel to your urban fantasy novels, no 1- don't read Rachel Caine's weather warden series shortly after starting. You end up feeling surprisingly inferior about the whole thing, even if you suspect that what you're writing is actually quite good.

No2- Don't end up doing about three other things at the same time. It gets in the way. Normally, I'd have a huge deleting spree at this point, but I'm not going to this time. My weird/funny thing 'The Glass' is too good to start deleting, and I like this sequel. As for the third thing, that's for someone else, so I can't give out any details.

I finally got my hands on a copy of the full version of Adam Wilson's short story collection Total Synthesis (since I know him, I've been in a position to read earlier versions of the four pieces) and read it over the last few days. If you get the chance, you should too, because it's really very good.

I've been watching more fencing video footage. Odd, isn't it, that Epeeists do the bouncing backward and forward like gangly jellyfish thing while Sabreurs don't? There must be a reason. Maybe it's because my lot don't stand still long enough to bounce? Or because we get bored and flunge at that point? Suggestions from any fencers please.

There was a piece in the paper about how well off kids from the UK are abandoning UK universities for those in the US, on the basis that they have more cachet than doing what everyone else is. Two points: One, if you wanted to do something different, why not come to Hull? I bet none of your friends are doing it, and you still get to say that you went to one of the three great british universities.

Two, it got me thinking about how every university manages to find something to shout about in the various rankings. With Hull it tends to be the student satisfaction survey. We're apparently very friendly.


Jodie said...

Yep or you could try Bangor, although Welsh unis were a popular choice for Midlands kids when I went and still are only one person I've ever met went to Bangor, the place so small you ahve to live on campus all three years.

stu said...

This is University of Wales Bangor? I fenced them a year or so ago. The pubs are too expensive. Also the hills are awkward if you happen to be driving a Japanese minivan with no discernable engine power, though that probably isn't terribly relevant most of the time.

Jodie said...

That's the one. It is all tiny lanes and hills isn't it? Quite a terrible reflection of Wales if for some reason you just visit there.