Sunday, 17 January 2010

My Voice?

So, England lost the last Test against South Africa, foiling our cunning plan to edge to the top of the world rankings one boring scrape past our opponents after another. Also, does the extended batting line up policy mean that our batters have therefore failed more? And will we be up to facing the might of Bangladesh next month? (To all non cricketers, that last bit wasn't serious. Even England should beat Bangladesh. Probably.)

I find myself picking at the idea I'm not working on at the moment, trying to make all the elements fit. The danger is that it's quite close to something at least one of my favourite authors has done, and I need to find new places to go with it so I'm sure I'm not just writing essentially the same thing. I also need to settle on a tone. I thought I'd go for something quite dark, but then I wrote an opening line that just wasn't, followed by a second sentence that was just plain daft.

I think I need to focus more on the rhythm and play of words. My best stuff seems to come when I'm playing around with language as much as anything. Again though, there's a danger with it. With music, they sometimes talk about bands going into recording with a sound in their head that isn't theirs, but which they're really hearing as a hangover from someone else's records. I must be careful that it's my voice I'm playing with. Presumably so long as I see a steady stream of fairly pointless jokes, I'll know I'm on track.


Bavardess said...

Is it wrong to admit that the only thing we Kiwis enjoy more than the Aussies losing is when England loses? Of course, we have developed a penchant for the draw...

stu said...

And also for the most injured bowlers in world cricket. First Chris Cairns and now Shane Bond. I'd feel some pity, but I can't be bothered.