Friday, 15 January 2010

It seems I can speak Danish

It's amazing how much of a foreign language you can understand if you try. I know, because I spent half an hour wandering around the Danish fencing federation's website, in Danish, followed by the FIE's website, which defaults to French. For those who don't know, fencing tends to be escrime or something close to it in the more mediteranian areas of Europe, and fechten or variations on it in northern Europe. Not a great deal of use, I admit. Incidentally, good luck to Keita Azuma in the Copenhagen Cup world cup satelite event this weekend.

An observation: People are willing to try things, but only if you push them into it. I'm pushing people to go to the Yorkshire Sabre next month, and most of them are fairly enthusiastic, but only once I've suggested that they should. People just won't go out and hunt for tornaments.

I have officially started volunteering at the Beverley Community Museum, which remains almost impossible for most people to find. They're currently building up an exhibition on Beverley's historic churches. I think I might be able to help. A bit.

I continue to play with the sequel to the sequel. I'm not managing any of those days when six or ten thousand words just appear, but that doesn't matter. Anyway, maybe they're hiding and planning to ambush me later.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I was eavesdropping on a conversation once, thinking 'this is an interesting dialect of Italian' when I realised that the people speaking were Rumanian....