Thursday, 10 December 2009

Twenty Six

I haven't been posting much because I've been busy revising for the viva. Twenty six hours to go. I'm nervous, obviously, but I think the core of my PhD is a good one, and the facts that I hadn't bothered memorising at the time are starting to sink in.

I am going fencing tonight, if only because if I don't I'll be sat around worrying. Also, since the foil tournament has finished, there's a good chance people will be sufficiently sick of the sight of it to want to fence sabre.

I've got a couple of short story ideas bubbling away, but I haven't written them yet. I started one, but I didn't quite have the tone right. Maybe tomorrow, then.

I'm currently reading Beyond the Deepwoods. Yes, it's a childrens' book, but it's wonderfully imaginative, and the illustrations are perfect.

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englishcoach said...

If you wrote that yesterday, that means you're probably right in the thick of it at this very moment. Hope it all goes well for you, here's thinking of you.