Monday, 7 December 2009

Hull's Results BUCS Individuals 2009

Epee (118)

51 Scott Stevens
80 Joe Banks
82 Oliver Hector
90 Neil Collins
91 Kieran O'Connor
94 Matthew Jones

Foil (137)

25 Scott Stevens
42 Ben Downman
104 Joe Banks
112 Kieran O'Connor
127 Lindsay Cox
134 Paul Lawrence

Sabre (108)

9 Keita Azuma
17 Oliver Hector
36 Abilius Wong
43 Richard Hutchinson
96 Neil Collins

Womens Epee (79)

45 Harriet Lodge

Congratulations to everyone who was able to go. Especially to Richard Hutchinson, who apparently hasn't been fencing very long, and at whom I spent much of last monday evening shouting instructions. It's slightly worrying that only one of our female fencers felt the inclination to attend, but I can hardly complain about people having better things to do, can I?

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