Sunday, 6 December 2009

Final Run

The BUCS individual sabre started a little over an hour ago in Nottingham. Since I'm here, it's fair to say I'm not there. Too busy, and also I've done that. I'm slightly annoyed to find that my friend Scott finished one place higher in the foil than I did in the sabre last year. Still, at least Keita will make both our efforts look pretty poor in comparison.

How do you take your mind off an impending viva? Well, you don't, not really. You've still got to revise, prepare, and try not to panic whenever you find a bit you suspect that the examiners won't like. Still, I've found one way, which involves spending some time going through other people's work.

I sent off a couple of short stories the other day, including my only piece of flash fiction. Normally, I find flash fiction a bit short for my style, but hopefully this works. I've got three or four more pieces to find homes for, along with a few more ideas I'll probably get stuck into after Friday.

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Lisa Damian said...

I haven't attempted much flash fiction myself, but I love to read it.

Good luck with the viva prep!