Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A busy day

Spent the day doing SEO articles. Not terribly inspired, but better than doing nothing. Marginally.

On Thursday, I'll find out the corrections I need for my thesis. Hopefully there aren't too many. In theory, I've got three months to do them, but that's three months from the official letter, which might take a while. In practice I'm hoping to get them done rather quicker than that.

One of my pieces of flash fiction has been accepted for the January issue of Expressions magazine, while my short story "Receipt for a Dragon" is going to make an appearance in the Dec/Jan issue of Aphelion, due up some time next week.

Currently re-reading Robert Asprin's Mythion Improbable. He can be a bit preachy in places, but it's still funny.

I seem to be writing poetry again. Rhyming poetry, so I doubt it's going to be taken seriously any time soon, but definitely poetry.

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Heather said...

exciting about getting more stuff published - remember me when you're rich and famous!