Sunday, 13 December 2009

An apple a day...

Well, the good news is that I've passed, subject to some corrections that apparently aren't major but which I'll get a list of shortly. The viva went better than I expected, and there weren't really any questions I hadn't got an answer for.

The slightly less good news, of course, is that the pre-budget report has just seen (assuming I read this right) something like £600 million taken off education and research budgets. Now, I know (and you possibly know, since I go on about it often enough) that medieval history is as relevant as any other humanity, and has intellectual rigour on its side, but I can't see universities looking to expand that direction when their budgets are going to be cut.

Bidding for freelance writing work is an intriguing experience: dozens of people doing the online equivalent of jumping up and down shouting "pick me, pick me!". I'm trying a slightly less frantic approach, on the theory that the sheer contrast should stand out a little.

I'm currently writing a short story containing apples. It's probably good for you.


englishcoach said...

The relief must be enormous, Dr. Sharp.

Jodie said...

Congratulations! For some reason sciences always seem to take a massive hit when it comes to university funding.

Bavardess said...

Well done on your finals! I, too, tell anyone who will listen to me that medieval history is a worthy and relevant pursuit. I read somewhere recently (maybe in a UK literary mag) that a lot of money is being drained away from humanities budgets to help fill the hole in the London Olympics budget. Is there any truth to that?

stu said...

I'm not sure, though I suspect that this may refer to arts charities losing lottery funding.

I do know that it won't be the business schools who have to suffer the cutbacks that are coming.