Friday, 18 December 2009


I received my copy of Semaphore Magazine's 2009 anthology this morning. Two points from that. One is that it's really rather good, and not just the bits that happen to involve me. The other is that it came wrapped in what must have been most of the packing tape in New Zeeland. My brother, who I let open it because he's nozy enough to want to know what's in these things, spent a good five minutes unwrapping it.

I've also received my list of corrections for the PhD. There doesn't seem to be anything very major, and in fact most of them are minor typos and requests for extra references. Though I do need to find a map of the medieval Archdiocese of York to include. Also, I need to find a copy of the York edition of the English Episcopal Acta series, since for some reason Hull's library just has Lincoln and Canterbury. I'm sure I've read one somewhere. I just need to remember where. I suppose I could try... York.

England aren't doing very well in the Test at the moment, but it's their own fault. First, South Africa got too many, because they didn't bowl that well and the four bowler attack got quite tired. Then the extra batter that they'd put in, Ian Bell, didn't get many runs. Still, at least they've avoided the follow on.

I've also signed up to volunteer at the Beverley Community Museum. There's lots of things to help out with there, though I can't help but feel that more people would help if it were a bit more obvious. Currently, it has to play second fiddle to the museum/treasure house/gallery over the local library. I only found out about it by accident, since it happens to be next to the post office.


MG Higgins said...

You must feel so relieved nearing the end of your thesis. Congratulations. I wonder what New Zealand will do without any packing tape? I'm concerned they may come apart.

Lisa Damian said...

Good luck with the research and rewrites. Sounds like good feedback in that there are no major changes to make.