Sunday, 1 November 2009

Stepping Down

Right, first thing's first. I've stepped down as fiction editor of Gloom Cupboard. I've been responsible for perhaps half a dozen prose issues (the last of which has just gone up, so pop across and look) and a nice interview with Gary Murning. I'd like to wish the best of luck to the magazine's remaining editors.

Also importantly, I've found the e-mail I was looking for, telling me where I submitted the short story. I'm glad I found it before I did something silly, like sending it somewhere else. (Or worse yet, submitting it to the same people. That would probably reach whole new heights of embarrassing). Just as a random question, do you ever set out to write pieces for particular markets? I don't, as a rule, but I've heard that some people do, and I find myself interested in how people manage to kick their assorted bits of inspiration into approximately the right shape.

I've started reading Toby Frost's God Emperor of Didcot. I just spent five minutes trying to locate my friend James' interview with him, but I can't, so you're going to have to do without the link. Read the book instead.

I have finished (that's right, finished! Hang on, why am I getting excited about 3000 words of short story?) my short story featuring the zombie sofa. Honestly, at least one of the novels was easier than this.


Lisa Damian said...

It's tough to make the difficult decisions about prioritizing your time, but unfortunately time is limited and valuable. It sounds like you juggle a lot (writing, grad school, editing, fencing, etc.) as it is. Good luck in the rest of your endeavors, and congrats on finishing the zombie sofa short story.

Heather said...

The previous comment is similar to what I was thinking. The last year or so has really been difficult for me in terms of prioritizing - my blogs have taken quite a back seat as you may have noticed from my lack of posting and commenting.

Heather said...

also - zombie sofa? I sooooooo want to read that.