Sunday, 29 November 2009

Start, end, and middle

I have started not one, but two novels, with the beginnings of a third probably on their way. This doesn't strike me as a terribly good idea, since it almost certainly deflects effort away from them, but I'm doing it anyway. I find that I get quite heavily involved in the tone of what I'm writing, and maybe writing things with contrasting feels will keep me a bit more balanced.

I'm reading through the submitted version of the PhD before the viva (ten days and counting), and am slightly annoyed to find that small mistakes still made it through my rounds of proofreading. I suspect that there comes a point when you've simply read things too many times to see what's there. I'm sure they'll be mentioned.

My local fencing club's foil tournament is stretching to two weeks. I might scrape third place, if I'm lucky. Bring on the sabre, that's what I say.

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