Thursday, 19 November 2009

More edits

Another burst of editing on the comic fantasy novel. It's funny how, no matter how much you do, there's always something that can be tightened up or improved. It's a bit like DIY in that respect. I've also finished my short story about antiques, and am currently resisting the urge towards a bad pun as title. (It has turning-people-into-frogs and antiques in it. If British TV watchers don't get the pun in question, I'll be very surprised).

I might be fencing the british student sabre again after all. Someone from the fencing club asked, and Hull's Athletic Union agreed that I am indeed still enough of a student to do so. Now I only have to work out if it's a good idea. And if I want an early start to get to a fencing tournament.

I'm reading Hamlet at the moment. Wyrd Sisters makes so much more sense now. Oh, if this seems quite short, I'm typing this with one hand. Another bout of two hand tapping.

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