Friday, 13 November 2009


Well yes, it usually is, isn't it? But this is actually a reference to the fact that I wrote a monologue this afternoon, after starting it some time last night in a notebook. It's odd how little I write into notebooks these days, though perhaps that's because I actually prefer the computer. Maybe it has something to do with typing rather faster than I can write, and with achieving legible results afterwards.

Before that, I dropped a form round to volunteer at my local community museum. It seems slightly odd that you have to do so much to be allowed to volunteer, including filling in a section about hobbies and interests. Surely, so long as I don't list mine as axe-murder and the destruction of historic buildings, it shouldn't matter that much.

While in town, I ended up in the library, reading through a book about Russell T Davies' (Dr Who writer) creative process, constructed from e-mails sent about his thoughts as he was working on the last series. Very few writers ever seem to go that deeply into their process, so it was quite enlightening. Also rather funny at the point where he had to scrap the idea for the new Doctor's Assistant he'd been working tirelessly on after Catherine Tate agreed to do the series, if only for the speed with which he got enthusiastic about completely scrapping a character.

My article is away to the journal I'm hoping will accept it, though it does rather rely on nice people in Limerick A: having heard of obscure parts of Nottinghamshire, and B: caring.

England have just hit 202 in 20 overs against South Africa. If I were Ireland, I'd be asking for Eoin Morgan back.

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