Friday, 20 November 2009

Long Term Thinking

One of my short pieces has just been accepted for publication in July of next year. That's quite a lead time, so I'll have to make sure I put a sufficiently obvious note on the computer file in question, just so I don't forget that it's already taken.

Today is the last day that it's possible to pre-order semaphore's anthology with no P&P, if anyone should wish to do so. I just thought I'd mention it, and attempt to apply my mental powers to any passing brains.

I'm toying with re-writing at least one piece in script form, which just goes to show what a damp sponge my brain can be at times. One little book by a well known script writer, and suddenly I have the urge to play around with that format. It's as bad as the "all sonnets, all the time" phase Shakespeare sent me through. I must get more of a grip, or at least a good book on the technicalities of scriptwriting.

You know what I've read today? Nothing. That's right. Nothing. It's the first time in I don't know how long, and I suspect it isn't going to last much longer. More Hamlet, I think.

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