Saturday, 17 October 2009


  • Watching Mark Knopfler play a live show on tv the other day, I found that the star of the piece wasn't the balding fingerpicker from Dire Straits, but rather his collection of guitars. It seemed that practically every song called for a different one, along with a story about where he got it. Maybe that's why he plays fingerstyle. He's spent so much on vintage Les Pauls and strats that he now can't afford plectrums (ok, technically plectra, but who uses that? Not Mark Knopfler, for a start.)
  • I did one of those literacy, numeracy and core competancy things for a job earlier, and discovered that the life of a medievalist is not a good way to remember all the things I learned in GCSE maths. Still, I can but hope.
  • I have, possibly for the first time ever, actually got lots of short stories out to editors at once. I've even tried to find a home for the series I keep mentioning from time to time. I'm also editing three or four more pieces, so hopefully they'll be ready to go soon.
  • Should anyone need an illustrator (preferably for reasons that don't involve firing them out of cannons, since she's a friend) I'd like to point you in the direction of Bronwyn Coveney's blog, which has a few examples of her work along with comments on her current projects.


Jodie said...

The other day I realised I may have forgotten how to subtract the way they showed us in school (where the numbers sit under each other and you have to carry things over - can not remember what to do with the carried over things when you subtract). Very glad it is impossible to uninvent the calculater.

Have you had to do one of those psychometric, what is your personality tests yet. They are about the easiest thing to fix in your favour in a job interview.

stu said...

I have, but since my dad spent some time learning to put them together I also know that, if you're going to try to cheat them you've really got to convince yourself that you do have particular traits. The sheer repetition of questions means that anomalous patterns show up quite quickly. Easier not to bother, on the whole, particularly since they'll find out what I'm really like five minutes after I show up.