Saturday, 10 October 2009


  • The hunt swept across the farm we live on earlier, managing to terrify our cat. There has to be something better for people who want to think they're posh to do at ungodly hours of the morning. On the other hand, it has vaguely inspired a short story.
  • I went out and bought a copy of Toby Frost's Space Captain Smith, having decided that I'll almost certainly want to re-read it. This approach to library books strikes me as a little bit similar to throwing money to buskers if you like the tune, begging the question of if, were we to offer one or two other authors quite a lot of money, they'd move along quietly.
  • It's possible that this month will feature two prose editions of Gloom Cupboard, people having sent me lots of stuff. I think we're finally being a little more successful in attracting work.
  • I've made it as far as C so far, and have noticed one thing about French: it does have a lot of very similar words. Also, I doubt I'm remembering very much.
  • I've started some editing on the sequel. No matter how much you like something when you're writing it, there are still lots of bits that need changing. Also, I've decided between the two versions. Maybe I'll keep the other so that in the event I sell millions, it can go out as a bonus feature thing (also, I might change my mind again).


Lisa Damian said...

Can't say I've ever lived any place where a hunt has ever interrupted my sleep or disturbed my pets or shown any signs of life at all. You just don't see a lot of hunting around L.A., Orange County, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, or Chicago. The whole idea seems foreign to me -- like a story that one only reads about in books or on British blogs.

stu said...

And they're probably much quieter there.