Friday, 30 October 2009

Some writing

  • I'm editing and polishing CofD again, since the first few chapters are out to a couple of publishers. Nothing major, which is probably a good sign, I'm just sharpening up a turn of phrase here and there while finding occasional opportunities for extra funniness.
  • What little fitness I had as a fencer seems to be ebbing away. Maybe it's the result of going from six hours of training plus a competition per week to a measly two hours. Or maybe I'm just getting old. (It should probably be noted that I've said the words "I'm getting too old for this" at the start of every fencing season since the age of about twenty)
  • In the absence of anything better to do (come on, UK economy, recover to the point where I'm vaguely employable) I'm considering starting the third in the series containing Searching and Witch Hunt. It depends on if I can come up with a plot that actually excites me before I get distracted.
  • I'm trying to work out whether I have actually submitted my story "Your Evil Horde Needs You" to anyone. I sort of remember doing so, but my e-mail suggests otherwise. Then again, I also remember one of those online submission forms, and they presumably wouldn't show up. Yes, that must be it. I really must write these things down.
  • I'm nearly, nearly at the end of my zombie sofa short story. Much harder to write than it should have been, though maybe the weird font I've been using while I did so (making it unreadable, must go back to TNR before sending) had something to do with it.

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MG Higgins said...

Your problem with trying to remember if you submitted a story made me laugh. That's happened to me before and it's very frustrating. Now I have a spreadsheet, which works great as long as I remember to update it. Good luck with all of your projects!