Sunday, 25 October 2009


It sounds like it should be a sequel full of spartans, but this is, as it happens, my four hundreth post. That's a lot of bullet points, given the number of "stuff" posts in there. As a random celebration, a few links to old posts. I've tried to spread them out a bit, just for variety's sake:

  1. The very first one, because it was the very first one. And also because the poem was very silly indeed.
  2. The writing meme. I actually did this twice, here and here. It's fun to see what has changed, and slightly worrying to see what hasn't.
  3. A post on collaborations between bands and orchestras, to prove that I do occasionally blog about something other than writing or research.
  4. And history, of course, like this one.
  5. And apparently the odd interview.
  6. But mostly writing. Like this one about dealing with rejection in a grown up, sensible fashion that in no way involves kidnapping the editors concerned and making them listen to my poetry for hours on end until they give in.


Jodie said...

Congrats on reaching 400 and thanks for stopping by during readathon!

MG Higgins said...

Wow, 400 posts. That's quite an accomplishment (and a lot of writing). Congratulations!

Lauren said...

Wow! 400 is amazing, especially since you've only been doing this since January 2008. You are much more dedicated than I am :) Congrats! I look forward to seeing 400+ more :)

Christina said...

400 posts! That's pretty awesome. I wonder how many I would have up by now if I hadn't deleted all my posts twice before.