Sunday, 20 September 2009


  • I'm up to 57 000 words on the alternate version of the sequel, and I suspect that at this rate the thing will end up about 10 000 words shorter than I originally intended. That's normal for me though, and tends to get corrected in the editing, once I put in all the bits I forgot in the first draft.
  • It is possible, but far from straightforward, to make a pick and fingers approach to guitar playing sound suitably heavy metal. I found this when I looked down the other day and found that I wasn't sweep picking the bits I thought I was.
  • My short stories 'A Madder Scientist' and 'The Apocalypse Factor' have both been accepted for Semaphore Magazine's print anthology.
  • My job hunting has intensified, and seems to involve a lot of careful phrasing on the cover letters, largely to make it clear how medieval history is relevant to anything normal.
  • On the editing front, there seem to be a few more short story submissions for GC than last month. Either it's a seasonal thing, or the efforts to publicise it by all our editors are having an effect. Mostly the effect of me having a lot more stories to check than I expected, suggesting that I should possibly have spread my efforts out more over the month.
  • One kind (joking I hope) comment that nevertheless shows much of what's wrong with british fencing. 'You should be in the olympics or something'. Only if I get a lot better very quickly. Still, it made me laugh.


Alex Moore said...

excellent "stuff" stu! awesome advances in the writing front... and good luck on the work front

Jodie said...

Good luck making medieval history sound relevant to a job - I only have a regular BA, covering a multitude of areas of history and sometimes I think I'd be better just leaving my degree off my CV. I think when I start in on my next round of job interviews I might lie about what my disertation was in to avoid scared looks when I say 'witchcraft in early European history', although the anticipation of how funny the scared looks would be is part of why I took that course...

Congratulations on the short stories, like I said before 'The Apocalypse Factor' is really enjoyable.

stu said...

In theory, you've got things like excellent written and problem solving skills with history, not to mention the ability to assimilate wide bodies of knowledge.

It's one of those things that, once you explain to people that you can do everything most other graduates can do, people tend to accept, but unfortunately it does seem to need the explanation.

Unfortunately, in the last ten years there seems to have been a move towards really specialised vocational degrees. To me, they don't do businesses any good, because they get programmed drones rather than people taught to actually think, and they certainly don't do the students (who then can't move an inch sideways from their chosen career) any good.

Jodie said...

Yes I tried explaining that bit about excellent written skills quite a few times - eyes jsut started flitting around the room and I could see they were thinking about how to redecorate their office because they thought I was just bluffing my lack of actual skills.