Tuesday, 22 September 2009

K.E.Mills: The Accidental Sorceror

I bought this largely on the strength of one of those recommendation notes you get in bookshops, which happened to use the words "humerous" and "fantasy" in close combination. Always a good way to get me to buy books. The basic plot is that third grade wizard Gerald Dunwoody finds himself jobless after an accident that suggests he might be a bit more powerful than everyone thought, ends up taking a job as royal wizard to the tiny country of New Ottosland, and then has to deal with a bossy princess, a possibly mad king, and a prince more interested in butterflies than people.

It reads well, flowing beautifully from one difficulty to the next, and there's some nice work on character development with Gerald, who suddenly has to cope with rather more responsibility than he ever saw as a magical compliance officer. There are some very unexpected characters, and it plays with traditional elements quite nicely. I like the light tone throughout, though I think that it is more of a proper story told lightly than one that stacks up the jokes after the fashion of full blown comic fantasy. That though is more of a quibble with the people who write those little cards in bookshops than with the writer, who has produced something that is a wonderfully fun story, and which trips along at a great pace.

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Alex Moore said...

yum! sounds like a great book. i'll have to pick it up ;) i'm always looking for good humor in the fantasy realm