Wednesday, 26 August 2009


  • Still proofreading. It's one of those tasks that takes far, far longer than it should. Today's objective: go through all the footnotes again, sorting out tiny details in line with the usual style sheets, then number the chapters and sub-chapters properly. Such an annoying little job, but hours of work.
  • I've noticed that it seems harder to start an article based on the PhD than it is to start a short story, even though the former is what I've got the training in (although putting it that way makes it sound like I was composing essays on the way round assault courses, rather than merely trying to make sense of twelfth century handwriting)
  • I've been trying poetry for the first time in months, presumably as a result of my "no work on the novel while I'm finishing the PhD" rule. I seem to have forgotten how.
  • I read Richelle Mead's Thorn Queen earlier, and enjoyed it, though why I started it when I'm already half-way through both Paradise Lost and Tom Holt's Grailblazers I don't know. The latter has less pizza than anticipated, but more reindeer and atlanteans, so that's all right. The former has surprisingly few of either.

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