Friday, 21 August 2009


  • I'm through the first bout of proofreading for the PhD. I'll probably try to make a couple of parts more readable, have another go, then see if there are any comments from my supervisor.
  • England are in a position where they might win the last Test, and thus the Ashes. I can but hope.
  • Proving that life doesn't stop, I'm already thinking of ways I might break up parts of the PhD for some articles. Several articles seems like a better way to build attention in history circles than one book, particularly since I'm not entirely convinced by the whole "book of the research project" concept in general. It seems like you're trying to take something designed for one end, then use it for another.
  • I'm still on my Tom Holt kick, having aquired a copy of Grailblazers, which promises knights, quests for the Grail, and pizza, in no particular order.
  • The radio mentioned one of those annoying "top ten guitarists of all time" lists earlier. Apparently Les Paul is on it. No. Just because he's died doesn't mean he was one of the greatest. Great inventor yes (of both the eponymous Gibson guitar and multitrack recording), but immensely influential guitarist?
  • It's amazing how many jokes you can get out of someone jumping out of a window, as I did in the scene I wrote earlier.

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