Wednesday, 12 August 2009


  • I've put in my official 'intention to submit' form for my PhD- the bit of paperwork that gives the university notice to rouse an examiner or two and check that I have in fact done all the modules I think I have. Technically, I must now wait three months to submit (I found this out in the office today) which is a little annoying, but I'm hoping that if everything is in place, they might accept it a little sooner.
  • I'm reading Tom Holt's latest: May Contain Traces of Magic. It's hilarious, and there's no time travel, for once, so things more or less make sense.
  • It turns out that putting in html tags by hand (endless paragraph breaks) is really boring. I know, because I spent much of the morning doing so on a piece for my little corner of Yes, I know it's a forum and as such not a publication, but I'm hoping to use a few of my not-particularly-submittable pieces (The Receipt for a Dragon series that I keep adding to despite it being a weird open ended series of silly fantasy short stories) to attract the attention of fantasy loving types to my other work. Cunning, no? Well no, not especially, given the html, but at least this way someone will get a laugh out of them.
  • In among my endless applications for vaguely publishing relating things, I've applied for something I might have more chance of getting- a research post working on some local history. Just me, a million incomprehensible sources, and a history to write to deadline. Same as usual, basically.
  • The poetry section of Gloom Cupboard is up. Go and read it.
  • Should (and I admit the odds probably aren't that great) anyone find themselves in Edinburgh's Forest Cafe in the next few months and see an unnaturally tall chap in glasses selling a collection of short(ish) stories, I recommend you grab a copy. That's my friend Adam, and though he can't write briefly to save his life, he is one of the most engaging short story writers I know. The closest parallel I can find in tone is probably Ray Bradbury, though I'm not sure that's quite right. Also unlike me he puts tons of research into every one, so you end up finding out unexpected things.

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