Friday, 7 August 2009


  • I'm meeting my supervisor next week, and on the agenda is finalising submission dates. Finally. Delays have put me a couple of weeks back from where I want to be, but this sounds like it's back on track. I just have to hope there are no real changes needed.
  • I've had an acceptance from Semaphore Magazine for my comic fantasy piece 'The Apocalypse Factor'. It will go up in their September issue. I'm really pleased about that, because I like Semaphore as a magazine. It's one of the few where I'll usually enjoy reading the whole thing through, even when I don't have something in it. As usual, the contents of their anthology are determined in large part by their reader ratings, so if anyone feels like giving me a good rating once they've read the magazine, that would be even better.
  • I've been re-reading Tom Holt's Earth, Air, Fire and Custard. Wonderfully funny as usual, but there are moments when I wish Holt would give up on the time travel. No one, not even him, can make it work as well as a more straightforward story, because it inherently undermines the sort of causality at the heart of most storytelling.
  • Things we've learned from scenes I've written in the last few days: Donkey carts make poor getaway vehicles. The traditional sort of "sneak through the castle ducking into alcoves" sort of heroism isn't always a good thing. Vampirism's tendency to make people sadistic sex-kittens with a love of evening wear can apparently be overcome by some victims' natural vacuousness. And, to finish, what those vampires really want from their human slaves is someone to do the dusting (because it ruins the evening wear if they do it).

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