Thursday, 13 August 2009

Resolutions 3

Alex Moore is having a look at how her New Year's resolutions are standing up this late in the year, so I thought I'd have a similar look, not that I could remember what mine were. Still, there's a chance. They were (since I didn't take the whole thing entirely seriously):

  1. Remember to send things out once I've written them.
  2. Don't start new work part way through the old.
  3. Try to fence smarter, leaving the Nu-sabre well alone.
  4. Include more penguins in my stories. (Because I like them)
  5. Actually remember to write something shorter than a novel occasionally
  6. Finish the PhD. I mean it this time.
And how have I done with them?

  1. I've been sending things out, at least occasionally. I've remembered to submit the novels, though I'm going to have to push CofD on some more agents, now that rejections have trickled in from all but one of those I sent it too (I'm vaguely hopeful about the last, but only vaguely, since there's a faint chance that I might have received a rejection and then forgotten.)
  2. I haven't done this, so that's a success, right? Although the whole business of writing a completely different version of the sequel possibly counts against it.
  3. Until a few weeks before the end of the season, this was totally out. Between Ratneswaran in the student nationals, Dave Woodborough in the Yorkshires, and watching the world championships on Youtube, I was completely into that style. I still am, largely, though it has been modified by spending some time at the Yorkshire captain's club and inevitably copying elements of his approach. Also by a lesson from university coach Tony, who solved in five minutes my problem of getting too close with my feints, when several others have failed to diagnose it quite as precisely.
  4. Still just the one, I'm afraid. I must think of a way to deal with this.
  5. I have the odd short story floating around, so that counts.
  6. Nearly done. Very nearly. Honest.

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