Saturday, 25 July 2009


  • Going through stacks of short stories to start getting the start of August edition of Gloom Cupboard together. It's tempting, but dangerous, to try to keep up with the poetry section, but we apparently get ten times the submissions for that. I must plug harder.
  • The first couple of rejections have rolled in for CofD. I hate rejections. Even if they are nicely written. Especially since I really like this one.
  • On the same note, is writing the sequel before the original's sold such a great idea? Probably not, but I'm enjoying it. At some point, of course, I'm going to have to decide which version I prefer. Maybe I need to find more test readers.
  • The PhD finally has an external examiner provisionally lined up, though a lot still depends on dates. Can't see my supervisor until August, but I can start tidying up details, like the bibliography. I used to wonder how people got those massive bibliographies you saw at the back of books. Clearly they couldn't read all of them. Apparently though, they had, because I have.
  • Things I'm reading: Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, Ian Fleming's Thunderball, some random book on tai chi, which falls a little short in my estimation through the absence of the words "and then, moving in complete harmony, you punch them."


Dorla Moorehouse said...

GC gets tons and tons of poetry. My inbox is drowning in submissions! I get probably 10 submissions per day on weekdays, 15-20 on weekends. That's a lot of poetry!

stu said...

It is. Even allowing for the bit where each person will send you half a dozen poems at once, that's still more submissions than we get on the short story side.