Monday, 20 July 2009


  • I'm more than slightly annoyed with royal mail this morning, a sample I sent to an agent having been returned for having insufficient postage. The thing is, I checked the postage at the town's main post office before I sent it, so it's thanks to the wonderful idiot on the post office counter who told me the thing counted as a large letter that the agent in question must now think that I'm a waste of space.
  • There really aren't that many stories in the world. Even Aristotle knew that. Indeed, most writers won't have more than a couple of basic stories. When you're editing, you get it reinforced rather more sharply than usual, because you see the same story told by a dozen different people. It really is the way you tell them.
  • I have, for no apparent reason beyond the end of fencing training for the year (it being too hot in the summer months) taken up karate again. Unlike the first time, when I was eight, I'm now going into it with formal training in other styles of karate, feng shou chuan, tai chi, chi shou, shuai chiao, aikido, jujitsu, and of course fencing. I suspect the hardest thing will be remembering not to say "you know, there's a better way of doing that".
  • Still reading Small Gods. It's hilarious.
  • I'm trying to be a little more freeform with the alternate version of the sequel. I know roughly which direction it should go, and I'm trying to work out the detail slightly more as I go. I don't know if it will work, but hopefully it will produce a slightly less regimented feel than the first attempt, while still keeping a sense of purpose.


Lauren said...

I love your random stuff posts. I like what you said about there only being so many stories, but it's about how you tell them. Very true.

stu said...

I only do them because I can't come up with anything coherent enough to hold together a post on its own. Or a title. Or a justification for putting up random pieces of silly poetry. Not that I always need a justification.

Lisa Damian said...

The first item on your list... That same thing happened to me at my local U.S. Post Office a few days ago. They weighed my large envelope, told me how much postage to put on, accepted my payment for the postage, and then returned it to my home address for insufficient postage, being 42 cents short. Lame!