Sunday, 14 June 2009


  • Yet more footnotes. I spent more than an hour looking one up the other day after realising that six months ago I'd left it, presumably thinking "I can't be bothered now, and anyway, it'll only take ten minutes".
  • My occasional forays into cricket have become very occasional indeed, since our team seems to be capable of coming up with any number of players other than eleven. The weeks with twelve aren't too bad, you just let the captain find an excuse to leave himself out. The weeks with eight work less well.
  • Things I'm reading: Robert Graves- I Claudius, Laurell K Hamilton- Skin Trade, Keene et al- St Paul's. The last is notable mostly in that it's the single largest history book I've ever had to borrow. It's on the scale of the old Victoria County Histories, which means that it would only count as coffee table sized if you reinforced the table in question.
  • I've discovered that, as usual with me, the secret for finding a perfect fencing club lies mostly in finding somewhere I fit in. Goldilocks like, there are three local clubs. One is a little too serious for my tastes, the second doesn't have quite enough tough fencing, but so far the third is just right. Also it's the closest to me.
  • Sri Lanka have shown in the T20 world cup that one of the secrets to success in cricket's short format is a really mysterious spinner like Ajantha Mendis or Muttiah Muralidarin. Well England, I'm ready and waiting. Not even I have a clue which way mine are going to turn, so that has to be at least one step better... doesn't it?
  • I started a plan for a novel the other day, a sequel to the comic fantasy one that my friend Adam is reading. Planning is allowed. It's not like I've decided to try and write the thing at the same time as everything else (again).
  • Also, the sequel to Searching is submitted with the publisher.


Beth. said...

Have you read Goodbye To All That? I loved it, and was hugely disappointed by Claudius afterwards!

stu said...

I haven't read it, but then I'm mostly reading I Claudius because I happened to catch reruns of the TV series made from it.

Tim said...

which fencing club fits then?

stu said...

That would be the, apparently not shut down after all, Renaissance club.

Ridings takes itself a little too seriously for my taste, is the furthest, and frankly seems to be offering me the opportunity to pay seven pounds for perhaps two-three fencers who offer an interesting challenge.

Crusaders is better, and certainly friendlier, but I didn't get the feeling that there was ANY sabre other than you, and perhaps Tony.

Renaissance, on the other hand does friendly as well as quite good. To be honest, I'm surprised you don't go there, given what a strong epee club it is. Glenn Burgess' lad Aubery goes there, and he's got his stripes.

I'm still planning on dropping in Crusaders and Ridings from time to time though.