Friday, 5 June 2009


  • My brother's been moving house, with all the attendent stress, mess, and boxes. Also with occasional bouts of having to keep an eye on the cat, so he doesn't get in the boxes.
  • My first leg-spinning outing of the season on saturday resulted in 10 overs, no wickets for 31 runs. Acceptable enough, but when there were about five missed chances off that, I think it could have had better results.
  • My quest to find a decent fencing club outside of university continues. There are only two clubs even vaguely in the area that I haven't tried, and I know from friends that one isn't very good, so I'll have to try the other.
  • You know when you're nearly at the end of a PhD when some of the chapters come back without corrections for once. Now to sort out the rest.
  • I've sent my comic fantasy manuscript to a friend to look over. Personally, I think it's much, much better than my urban fantasy efforts (though those are nice too and there's a link below should anyone want a copy) simply because I like being funny more than I like randomly following the fashions in fiction.

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Lauren said...

I hope your brother's move goes well! And congrats that you are starting to get chapters back without corrections :) The end is near :)