Sunday, 7 June 2009


So, it seems I share something in common with Margaret from 'The Apprentice' (UK version with Sir Alan Sugar). She's quit the series to concentrate on her PhD in papyrology. I'm carefully avoiding novel writing until I've finished mine. That said, I do occasionally plan things out, so by the time I'm ready to get stuck in again, I'll know exactly what I'm doing.

That, I think, is probably one of the important things with any sort of fiction. There's a temptation to just write it, or to get the plan done quickly and then get on with it. It's a temptation I've given into more often than not, only to have to do some serious reworking. I'm beginning to suspect though that the best results come when you live with ideas for a little while, giving them time to fully develop.

And the best part is that it's doing the PhD some good. I'm still going round re-writing, but I'm not getting masses of comments back now. My supervisor even mentioned getting in touch with likely examiners in our last meeting, so it can't be that far now.


Lisa Damian said...

I'm torn. I find that ideas often become more fully developed when they sit around and stew for a while. However, if I miss my "window" of enthusiasm for the subject, I'm already off to new subjects without having committed to paper the previous idea.

It's great that you're focusing on your PhD though. It's the only way to complete it. I see you're still finding the time for blogging, which is probably a good outlet some days after all that academic research and writing.

Merrilee said...

Definitely PhD first! Procrastination takes many forms, and wanting to work on the novel instead of the thesis is one of them :)

englishcoach said...

Well done young man. Good to hear that bits of PhD are coming back not covered in red squiggles.
What sort of time scale are you looking at to reach the final process?

stu said...

Lisa, I have the same problem with being easily distracted by the next idea.

Merrilee, I have a cunning plan. I'll think of something else that I should be doing, and then I can use the PhD as procrastination for that.

Karen, I'm on the final draft, so probably a couple of months before submission. Or not, since this always seems to need more time than I think.