Monday, 25 May 2009


  • Footnotes are currently the bane of my existence. All those moments when I said to myself, "I won't look it up now, it will break my writing flow" have come back to haunt me. And the couple of chapters I've gone through so far have both been around 100 footnotes in 10000 words.
  • Also obscure little books on the history of York Minster, that seem to have "facts" in that contradict my own findings, thus making me spend time checking to make sure that I am in fact correct. Which I am, as it happens. So there.
  • I've been considering a short story based on one of the events that has shown up in my research, but can't make up my mind if is A: too specialised an area to be interesting, and B: too likely to confuse things.
  • For some inexplicable reason I've been thinking about good and bad book cover art. Some of my favourites: The assorted Terry Pratchett covers, Rachel Green's An Ungodly Child, The weirdly minimalist Tom Holt covers. My least favourites: The 'grown up' Harry Potter covers, most penguin classics, the weirdly minimalist Tom Holt covers (I'm a little conflicted about them).

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Jodie said...

The adult Harry Potter covers are lame! I'm also not keen on the similar updated Terry Pratchett ones. Personally I think fantasy should show off its crazy side inside and out.