Monday, 11 May 2009


  • I've found that writing less has been reasonably conducive to getting more done on the PhD, if only because, when I'm bored, I've got nothing else to do but rework academic writing.
  • It's a pity then, that I've started a short story and a few poems. The short story is provisionally entitled 'The Apocalypse Factor' and yes, it involves reality TV.
  • I got quite excited about the whole MPs expenses row, but only because I misheard, and wanted to know what a "second gnome allowance" was.
  • One of those incredibly annoying Facebook quizzes has informed me that my signature fencing action is the riposte. Facebook knows nothing. My signature action goes flunge, miss, and get whacked on the head.
  • I just thought I'd say the word flunge again, because I love the sound of it so much. Flunge. There, I said it. Just think, without stupid mid-90s rule changes in sabre, I wouldn't have that lovely word to play with.
  • I've read Mary Janice-Davidson's A Fish Out of Water. Call that a way to wrap up a trilogy? Because I don't.


Lauren said...

Just think, the sooner you are done with the PhD the sooner you get a few extra letters to your name and the sooner you can get back to other writing :).

Maybe you blogged about it before I started following you, but what is your thesis about?

Beth. said...

You know that facebook actually knows everything right?


stu said...

Beth, Facebook might even sort of know this. I tried fencing more on the parry-riposte, and it sort of worked.

stu said...

Lauren, it's a comparative study of three medieval minster churches, namely those of Beverley, Ripon and Southwell, between 1066 and 1300.

I'm working on the theory that they converged onto a common institutional model (that of York cathedral) during the period, and that they did so to become viable secondary institutions for the Archbishops of York.

It's supposed to be one of those more modern institutional histories, essentially, where the relations of the place with it's personnel and benefactors is as important as the simple facts of "Southwell acquired a Dean in c.1220". (incidentally, they lost him again shortly afterwards)

Beth. said...

Facebook does know this, it knows everything, its halfway to destroying the planet...fact!

On another note, I like the idea of the apocolypse factor, the only ever thing I've read about reality tv was something horrific by Ben Elton.

Augusten Burroughs' Sellevision about shopping channel presenters is fantastic however :)

Lauren said...

Your thesis sounds really interesting! I think that people in Europe are so lucky to have all that history around you. These places that you are talking about are fairly close-ish to you, aren't they?

Does the research you are doing give you sub plot (or even plot) ideas for your books?