Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Mellissa Marr: Ink Exchange

That's right, more YA fantasy. And a sequel too, being the follow up to Wicked Lovely. The plot? Iriel, King of the Dark Court of Farie, needs human emotion to feed his Court. He gets it through a magical tattoo on the main character, Leslie, who finds herself bound up with the farie courts whether she wants to be or not. Meanwhile her friend Aislinn, who happens to be Queen of the Summer Court after Wicked Lovely, would like to keep her safe, as would Nial, one of the summer fey.

It sounds like it should be twee and horrible, doesn't it? And yet Marr produces quite a powerful story around addiction, friendship, secrets, and the question of what it's right to do in defence of those who are yours. It's filled throughout with beautiful writing, and with characters who seem to have real depth. There are perhaps some slight issues, over the lack of real choice for much of what goes on, for example, but they are forced out by the overall quality of the writing.

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