Saturday, 9 May 2009

I think I've found somewhere that might hire me.

Because Tom Holt's publicity people obviously have too much time on their hands: The J.W. Wells recruitment quiz! (from 'You don't have to be evil to work here, but it helps'). As you can see, I got the hang of it quite quickly.

I got an Evil Rating of 97 and got the job!

Are you evil enough to get a job too?


Christina said...

Cute, however, I do hope that you don't walk around with the bloody knife. The horns and teeth are fine. ^_^

Lauren said...

Hah! Cute pic. Although I imagine the bloody knife would get kinda sticky after a bit.

englishcoach said...

Darn! I only scored 80, I need to work on some of my harder skills.

trickylittleimp said...

A meagre 82. Nothing that a small, bloody coup couldn't sort...;-)