Saturday, 30 May 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I'm not normally, but for this week I thought I'd have a go at being a Weekly Geek.

That's principally because they're writing about guilty pleasures, and it seemed like fun. So here are mine.

  1. 80s Heavy Metal/Shred. Yes, I play the guitar. Yes, I play it far quicker than is actually good for me. It's almost natural that Yngwie Malmsteen is going to be involved at some point, even if I'd much rather listen to Guthrie Govan.
  2. Midgit Gems. Possibly the most addictive sweets in the known universe. I have been known to stick them to warm cups, because they taste better afterwards.
  3. Light poetry. I'm sure someone in a cardigan is looking disapproving. Not that I care.

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