Friday, 17 April 2009


  • I'll be writing slightly less for the next month or two, or at least trying to avoid thinking the words "you know, I've got a great idea for the next novel" I think even I've got to admit that there are times you can only focus on one thing, and right now that thing needs to be the PhD. See, I can prioritise as well as make up random silly things.
  • The IPL will be starting shortly, and I'll be relegated to following it online, unless they have it on in the student union bar as they did last year. If so, I might have to become the sort of student who spends most of the day in the bar.
  • One thing I'd forgotten about writing essays; just how little you end up knowing about the topic as a whole when compared to spending a couple of years learning everything about it. Except that now I know how little I know, so having to write something coherent anyway makes me feel all the more like I'm making it up as I go.
  • You know, I've got this... no. No, no, no, no! Bad Stu.


April Boland said...

Sure, now that I come back you are writing less.

Best of luck my friend!

stu said...

I suspect it may be more my friend Adam's fault than yours. For months he hasn't written so much as a short story (something to do with HIS PhD) and now that he's started again, I've discovered I need to write less. Coincidence? I think not.

Lauren said...

Good luck with getting everything done. Sometimes a bit of a writing sabbatical can be very useful. And the ideas just start flooding back once you are done, trust me :)

Christina said...

Good luck with the Ph.D. I had the hardest time staying focused in college. I have no good advice, but a Ph.D. is awesome!

Jodie said...

If you have a laptop you can take it to the bar...My laptop didn't like it's battery so I wrote drafts out longhand sometimes at uni, when I just couldn't stand another day inside.