Saturday, 4 April 2009


  • My brother did something even stranger at the cricket AGM than I anticipated, and put himself forward for second team captain. I don't know whether this has improved my chances of a place, or means I need to spend some serious time bowling at him. I hadn't realised that the seconds had actually been relegated at the end of last year, so this could potentially mean some cheap wickets coming up.
  • Occasionally you just get a feeling that something is going well. With the current set of re-writes on the novel, I'm back in the rhythm of it, actually wanting to write, where before I had to push myself a little. Given that I have occasionally felt really positive about things only to see them crash, I'm still being a little careful, but I think this is the version that will stick.
  • Yet more re-writes on the PhD. Also, I have an essay due in the start of next month, so I should really get on with it, starting with making a definite choice about the title. One of the questions is right in my area (a comparison of two medieval monasteries), but isn't actually much of a question to answer. Another perhaps leaves more scope for argument, but I'm less familiar with the primary source material beyond the AS Chronicle.
  • One of my poems, 'Driving at Night' has come out in Decanto magazine.
  • I've started a re-read of Jasper Fforde's The Forth Bear. He does come up with some amazingly surreal ideas, but I suspect the re-read will be a test of how well executed they are.

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