Wednesday, 29 April 2009


A meme nicked from Dave King over at Pics and Poems, on the basis that too much wading through hagiography has turned my brain to mush.

My Current Obsession: I suppose making my attempts at music more complete probably counts. I've been playing around a lot with a lot of solo guitar stuff, after the fashion of Steve Vai's Die to Live. Generally, though, I'm trying to obsess a little less at the moment.

Clothing I wear most often: Jeans, probably. Endless, identical pairs of jeans. You know that bit in the generally horrible film Inspector Gadget, where there are dozens of trenchcoats lined up in Gadget's wardrobe? It's a bit like that.

What's for dinner? You know, I have no idea. It depends what's in the fridge. Though we do seem to be making a lot of Thai Green Curry at the moment.

Favourite Vacation Spot: You're kidding, right? I don't get time off. Or rather, I get the completely weird mess of work that comes with being a research student.

I am reading: The Inimitable Jeeves (PG Woodhouse) about a dozen books on Rievaulx and Fountains abbeys, mostly on the basis that I have an essay to finish on them. Walter Daniel's Life of Ailred, anyone?

Four words to describe myself: Can't stick to word-

Guilty pleasures: If I feel guilty about them, should I shout them out? Oh all right. Jazz Fusion. And I'll occasionally read chick-lit if I'm bored enough. This is all your fault, you know, blogging people.

First spring cleaning thing: The contents of my many pockets

I look forward to: Someday putting forward a PhD draft that won't come back covered in corrections.


Merrilee said...

Good luck! It is the nature of thesis drafts to return with voluminous corrections.

Lauren said...

Good luck with the PhD.

I love what you said about the jeans and inspector gadget :)