Friday, 27 March 2009


Did I say 45000? I meant none, of course. That's right, it's happened again. I've stared at the thing and stared at it, and tried to find a way to reconcile this whole plot/sub-plot thing, and it hasn't worked. What it has actually done is convince me that I have written, not a plot and sub-plot, but two competing plots that only touch in places. Now, the logical thing there would be to get rid of the bit I thought was a sub plot, but if I do that, I get rid of the main thing connecting it to the first book.

There seems to be a solution, but again, it seems to involve serious re-writing. I'm beginning to wonder if I've wandered into an "unable to finish" patch, or worse, that I've become so attached to writing this particular novel that I'm just finding excuses not to finish. I don't think it's that, though. I've finished enough other things. I think it's just me that didn't plan it well enough. Still, third time lucky, hopefully.

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Peter said...

I'm guessing you'll figure it out..

good luck!