Tuesday, 17 March 2009

30000... again

I'm up past 30000 words on the re-write, which means I'm past the dreaded 28000 mark. I hate 28000 words, for some reason I've ended up stopping at about that point a couple of times.

With poetry, I've started doing something obvious that had nevertheless failed to occur to me before; composing poems aloud. People talk about reading poems aloud, indeed I'm one of them, but somehow that didn't translate to the point that working aloud as you compose them creates a better sense of whether the thing is working.

I've also been re-reading Barking by Tom Holt. It's probably the real test of comic fantasy to see whether it's as funny second time round as it was the first. So far, it's doing well.


Beth. said...

I wish I could do poetry aloud, even to myself I feel ridiculous

I know I should but I just can't!

stu said...

It's one of those things where, once you try it, the benefits are enough to outweigh the embarrassment.