Thursday, 26 February 2009

Unexpected gain/loss

No, we didn't win in Lancaster. We lost 133-130, which is about the closest match Hull's team has had since we've been there. Since that's the end of our cup run, it also happens to be my last match for the university. In some ways that's a pity. Team fencing can be a lot of fun. On the other hand, it is a predominantly individual sport, and having your fate almost entirely in your own hands has its appeal. Also, I can finally risk washing my kit. If it shrinks now (and fencing gear always shrinks) it doesn't matter so much. It's about time. Some of it was becoming an added incentive for the opponents to keep good distance.

I received a copy of the March edition of the Pulsar poetry magazine in the post this morning, which has my poem 'The Art Show' in it. I'd almost forgotten about that one. The difference in speed between the Internet and paper publishing is obvious. On the other hand, actually being able to leaf through the thing to find my work is very satisfying.

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englishcoach said...

Oooo that was close. You'll be able to continue fencing tho' won't you? Presumably you can join a club of another kind, ie not university.
That combination of individuals in a team is fun. I whack a yellow felt ball around a tennis court on much the same principle: you're on your own against your opponent, but with support from the other five in the team. (Just found we've been promoted to Class B after a bit of re-organisation of the classes - now trying to motivate myself to get off my backside and get into condition for the summer season.)