Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I've spent the last few days slogging though Paul Dalton's work on the aftermath of the Norman Conquest, and have so had little chance to get anything meaningful written. I've managed a couple of poems and a brief article (which I must submit at once, before I forget). I'm still very much at the waiting stage of the publication process with the novel, and while I'm sure everyone involved is going as fast as they can, it's still a phase when things are out of my control, and so one that I end up worrying about.

I'm working up to re-plotting the one I'm working on at the moment, having decided that it doesn't quite work. The trick here, since I tend to write in a series of scenes, is to work out which of them, if any, are still relevant. I suspect that several will be, particularly the ones that don't feature the main character.

We fence Lancaster next. A long trip for what is likely to be quite a low standard of fencing. I'm beginning to suspect that the university club would do better, for both its finances and members, if it pulled out of inter-university competition and focussed on real fencing tournaments. Still, hopefully we should beat them.

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