Monday, 9 February 2009


  • Somewhere out of the blue I've started writing an article on Ripon's forged Athelstan charter. No plan. No particular consideration. I just wanted to get something down and break through the 'I must get round to doing that someday' block. Sometimes that's the best way, just get on with it so that at least something gets done.
  • Rejection is never nice. I had a short story come back today, and even though it's entirely understandable that the editor in question might not want it, it's hard not to take it personally once you've made an effort to make something as good as it can be. Must remember to take it out on whoever I'm fencing later. That will make me feel better.
  • I was about to write 'I've got to make more of an effort to get some short stories written' but I suspect I've just found the reason why I haven't written many lately. They've become a thing of effort that I 'must' do. I'll do them once they seem fun again instead.

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